ApolloCon 2015 Writers' Workshop


April 30, 2015 Extended: May 15, 2015

Word count:

5,000 words

Send RTF files to:

Writers' Workshop Coordinator.

What to send:

Submit up to 5,000 words from the first chapter of your novel or a short story of up to 5,000 words. Submissions should follow William Shunn's short story format.


Science fiction/fantasy/horror, either for adults or young adults. Please do not submit fan fiction.

Workshop guidelines:

This workshop is open to all writers who are interested in honing their craft and critiquing with their peers. We will use the Clarion Method; each participant will be expected to read and provide feedback on the other submitted works. More detailed instructions will be provided in the month before ApolloCon, but critiques are expected to be critical and constructive, and they should always focus on the work. Never on the writer.

The workshop will consist of your fellow workshoppers and at least one professional writer. Manuscripts should be as polished as possible before submission, but the workshop is open to writers of all levels. Come prepared to discuss.


The workshop will take place on the Saturday morning of the con, from approximately 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


The workshop is free to ApolloCon 2015 members, but you must register for the workshop by the April 30 deadline. All workshop members must have an ApolloCon 2015 membership (either full weekend membership or Saturday day membership) by the start of the workshop on Saturday morning. Memberships may be obtained online or by mail in advance of the con, or at the door (more registration information at our Registration page).

Submissions Format

Submissions should follow standard manuscript format. Please e-mail them as in rich text file (.rtf) format to our Writers' Workshop Coordinator. The maximum length for any submission is 5,000 words. Novel excerpts should be identified as such, and an additional summary of the plot (maximum 500 words) is encouraged.


Please direct any questions regarding the workshop to our Writers' Workshop Coordinator.