ApolloCon Hotel Information

ApolloCon 2015 will be held at the Westin Houston Memorial City Hotel located at 945 Gessner Road, Houston, TX 77042.

The hotel is located across the street from Memorial City Mall and is connected to the mall by an air-conditioned skyway.


These rates are guaranteed through June 5, 2015. Check-in dates available are from Wednesday, June 17 through Sunday, June 21. Wheelchair accessible rooms are available upon request, either by phone or through the online reservation system.

per night
$99 + tax single through quad occupancy (king or two doubles)
Deluxe King
per night
$129 + tax single through quad occupancy
Executive Suite
per night
$179 + tax single through quad occupancy
Executive Suite
per night
$219 + tax single through quad occupancy

To Reserve by Phone

To Reserve Online

Our hotel uses an automated system to track room rates and blocks. If you encounter a problem reserving at the ApolloCon rate, make your reservation anyway, then contact the Hotel Liaison who will ensure that you get our rate.

The Westin will do their best to group ApolloCon fen together. If you want to be on a quiet floor (away from the parties and ConSuite) be sure to say so.

Westin Houston Memorial City
945 Gessner Rd
Houston, TX 77024

Some Features of Our Hotel:

  • Wifi included with room reservation for ApolloCon members
  • Free self-parking for ApolloCon members
  • Valet parking available for $23/day
  • Westin Workout Fitness Studio
  • Infinity pool on the 18th floor
  • Air-conditioned walkway to Memorial City Mall
  • 024 Grille (restaurant) each room reservation receives one 20% off coupon
  • 024 Lounge (bar)
  • Ingredients Cafe

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Why You Should Get a Room

Some of you might be saying to yourselves, "I live in Houston, so why should I get a hotel room?" or even "I'm from out of town but I have friends in Houston, so why should I get a room?"

Well, here, for your edification and possible amusement, are some reasons why we think you should consider getting a room at our hotel for ApolloCon:

  • The more room nights are booked for the con, the lower the cost of our function space and the more money we can put into what you do, rather than where you do it.
  • Less time on the highways and more time at the con.
  • Spend less money on gas.
  • Easier to hit the early panels and the late parties.
  • More opportunities to hunt elusive guests and guests-of-honor in the hallways.
  • Late night filk.
  • Cable TV.
  • A large part of the socializing and networking happens in the late evening. Sometimes in the really late evening. Sometimes so late in the evening that it looks remarkably like morning.
  • Remarkably like morning. Like sunrise, even.
  • The con suite stays open late.
  • Gaming late into the night (or next day).
  • Hotel Pool.

Room Parties

If your club or organization is planning a room party for ApolloCon 2015, welcome!

Room Arrangements

ApolloCon will arrange to have room parties clustered in one area, in order to maximize access by the members of the conference and to minimize any impact to non-partying guests in the hotel. Fill out this form if you plan to hold a room party.

When you arrive at the conference, the hotel should have your reservation name pre-booked into a specific room in the party area. We do this in order to make sure all parties have a home in the party area. Parties not in their assigned locations will be asked to close.

Note: If there is a problem with your room location when you check in, contact the Hotel Liaison or another member of the ApolloCon Committee. Do not attempt to change your room location through the hotel staff.

Room Party Rules:

Room parties are subject to the rules of the conference.

We strongly encourage responsible social gatherings. Please be considerate of other guests in the hotel. We would prefer not to have any complaints at all, from conference members, hotel guests or hotel staff. ApolloCon reserves the right to close room parties that violate conference or hotel rules.

Parties will be located on a non-smoking floor of the hotel.

Room parties must be held within a guest room, and should not spill out into the hallways. No food or drinks of any kind should be brought into the hallways or other areas of the hotel.

Any room party not booked through the Hotel Liaison falls under the jurisdiction of the hotel runs the risk of being shut down by the hotel due to noise complaints. So to make sure to you can party until the cows come home, please make arrangements with the Hotel Liaison.

Please contact the Hotel Liaison if you have any questions.