Charity Auction

One of the tradtional features of the ApolloCon experience is our annual charity auction. We have supported a number of Houston-area charities with the funds we've raised at the auction. In 2014, our charity was Houston Center for Literacy. ApolloCon attendees helped us raise over $1000 for this charity.

In previous years ApolloCon has raised money for the Houston Area Women's Center, Comp-U-Dopt and Youth Advocates, Inc.

Nominations for our 2015 charity are open. If you know of an established local charity who could benefit from our auction, please e-mail our Charity Auction Coordinator with the information.

Bidding Rules

  • You will be issued a bidder number; no bids will be accepted using any other method of identification.
  • Only bids in dollar increments will be accepted, as the Auction Director isn't at all fond of mathematics, even WITH a computer.
  • Each item has a bid sheet.
  • Write your name and badge number on the bid sheet.
  • If you are the first bidder, you may elect to purchase the item outright for the "immediate sale" price.
  • Otherwise, enter your bid on the bid sheet.
  • Items not bought via the immediate sale option will either go to the highest bidder or be auctioned at the joint art/charity auction on Saturday evening. This is at the discretion of the charity coordinator and the auctioneers.
  • One or two items donated to the auction will be auctioned at the Saturday Night Show. Which item(s) will be taken is at the discretion of the auctioneers and auction coordinator.

Ways YOU Can Help

  • Donate items. If you would like your item listed in the program book, the Mission Control at-con newspaper or on the website, contact our Charity Auction Coordinator.
  • Bid on our stuff. Remember that in addition to your getting a good deal, the money you pay goes to a good cause.

The Lighthouse of Houston
The Official Charity of ApolloCon 2015

Who We Are

	  2015 Official Charity, The Lighthouse of Houston]

The Lighthouse of Houston is a private, nonprofit education and service organization dedicated to assisting blind and visually impaired people to live independently. Established in 1939, the Lighthouse currently provides direct service to approximately 10,000 people each year. It is one of the leading rehabilitation centers in the nation and the largest private agency in Texas and the southwest offering comprehensive services to visually impaired children and adults.

What We Do

In the Houston area today, more than 100,000 people ages 12 and older suffer from some type of visual impairment that cannot be corrected, and the Lighthouse is often the only place they can turn to for help. All of our activities � educational, vocational and leisure � are designed to equip our clients with the skills they need to function effectively and participate fully in a sighted world.


Now in its 76th year, the Lighthouse continues to expand, offering services to children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Services include:

  • Educational Programs — Vocational Evaluation and Training in a variety of skills and occupations, such as medical transcription, word processing, and customer service
  • Community Services — Adult Day Care Center, In-Home Rehabilitation, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Summer Day Camp, Therapeutic Recreation, and Lighthouse Living Centers
  • Specialty Programs — Deaf-Blind Services/Group Homes, Diabetes Education, HISD Transitional Employment Center, Orientation and Mobility, Summer Transition Program, and Vision Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Vocational Service — Employment Skills Development, Job Placement Assistance, On-the-Job Training, and Work Adjustment
  • Braille Services — Translation of print materials, such as textbooks, into braille
  • Lighthouse Center for Behavioral Health Services — addresses the mental health issues that can happen with vision loss and interfere with rehabilitation efforts. The center provides quality mental health services with an interdisciplinary team of licensed, clinical therapists.

Reflections, the Lighthouse Store

Nearly 200 adaptive aids for people with vision problems ranging from low vision to blindness have made the Lighthouse store a destination for visually impaired individuals, their family and friends.

Individuals with low vision can find a wide variety of magnifiers, large print books, calendars, bibles, games, puzzle books, dictionaries, keyboards, TV remote controls, and sewing aids, such as self-threading needles. For more serious visual impairments, there are a variety of talking products, including money identifiers, color tellers, clocks, calculators, blood pressure monitors and bath scales. Braille readers can find Braille telephones, watches, Bingo and Scrabble games — and much more.

Items are available at the store at 3602 West Dallas, on the Lighthouse Web site, or on

Lighthouse Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available at the Lighthouse. Volunteers assist in the Adult Day Care Center, the Summer Day Camp for children and in the many special events throughout the year, including the annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Adult Day Care Center and children's events such as the Beeping Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Party and field trips to events and locations around town.

The Lighthouse of Houston is a member agency of the United Way of Greater Houston.