Want to Help Make ApolloCon Happen?
Donate to ApolloCon and Become an ApolloCon Booster

You can earmark your donation for a particular department or activity if you wish. Want to help out our consuite? Tell us your donation is for consuite. Want to help us reach more people? Tell us your donation is for promotions. Want to help us bring in guests? Tell us your donation is to support guest travel. Want to help us out where we need it most at the time? Tell us to use it as we see most needful.

Get Booster recognition! We will print a list of ApolloCon Boosters in the con program book and all Boosters who attend ApolloCon will receive a Booster badge ribbon.

Want to stay anonymous? Let us know, and we will print a pseudonym, an anonymous notation, or leave your name off the list. What you do with your badge ribbon is up to you!

Saturn Booster: Your $50 donation workes out to be about a dollar a week. $50 pays for a half-day of media equipment rental. Or four hours use of a board room for programming or gaming. It could also buy a gift basket for one of our Guests of Honor.

Atlas Booster: Your $25 donation, or about one dollar eveery two weeks would help ApolloCon in a number of ways. ApolloCon could buy a party tray for the Artists' Reception. Or a roll of gaffer tape, the carpet-friendly way to tape down cords. That money could also buy a radio for the use of the committee during the con.

Redstone Booster: Your $10 donation is also appreciated. That money could buy 100+ flyers or batteries for two radios. Or two 24-packs of soda for the consuite. Every bit helps.

Orion Booster: For those who wish to make a personal donation that doesn't quite fit a standard option. Any amount is welcome.

Your donation is deductable on IRS Form 1040 Schedule A. You will be issued an e-mail receipt. Donations are accepted via PayPal (see buttons above!) or f you wish to make a donation by US mail, checks may be sent to ApolloCon c/o HSFA, P.O. Box 541822, Houston, TX 77254.