The Alley

The Alley (sometimes called Artists' Alley, or Authors' Alley) is a place where creators can market their creations without investing in a space in the Dealers' Room. Ideal for those interested more in promotion than sales or those who self-publish or those with a small inventory of art and/or craft, Alley tables come at a smaller price than Dealers' Room tables.

The Specs

An Alley table is just that, one table. The cost is $50 and includes one membership to ApolloCon 2015. Items you sell along the Alley must have been created by you. You are not, however, required to offer merchandise for sale. The Alley is in a non-secured area with people walking past (that's sort of the point) and ApolloCon does not offer security nor are we in any way responsible for loss, theft or damage to your proprety.

Applying for a Table

To request space in the Alley, complete the form on this page.

In the past, there have been more reqests to be in the Alley than there is space available. Therefore, your request for a space does not in any way guarantee you a space. When you submit an application, it will be held and your name put on a list. If we have space for you, you will be notified in late May.

Who's in the Alley

Alley participants will be listed here in early June.