Charity Auction

One of the tradtional features of the ApolloCon experience is our annual charity auction. We have supported a number of Houston-area charities with the funds we've raised at the auction. In 2013, our charity was Houston Center for Literacy. ApolloCon attendees helped us raise over $1000 for this charity.

In previous years ApolloCon has raised money for the Houston Area Women's Center, Comp-U-Dopt and Youth Advocates, Inc.

Nominations for our 2014 charity are open. If you know of an established local charity who could benefit from our auction, please e-mail our Charity Auction Coordinator with the information.

Bidding Rules

  • You will be issued a bidder number; no bids will be accepted using any other method of identification.
  • Only bids in dollar increments will be accepted, as the Auction Director isn't at all fond of mathematics, even WITH a computer.
  • Each item has a bid sheet.
  • Write your name and badge number on the bid sheet.
  • If you are the first bidder, you may elect to purchase the item outright for the "immediate sale" price.
  • Otherwise, enter your bid on the bid sheet.
  • Items not bought via the immediate sale option will either go to the highest bidder or be auctioned at the joint art/charity auction on Saturday evening. This is at the discretion of the charity coordinator and the auctioneers.
  • One or two items donated to the auction will be auctioned at the Saturday Night Show. Which item(s) will be taken is at the discretion of the auctioneers and auction coordinator.

Ways YOU Can Help

  • Donate items. If you would like your item listed in the program book, the Mission Control at-con newspaper or on the website, contact our Charity Auction Coordinator.
  • Bid on our stuff. Remember that in addition to your getting a good deal, the money you pay goes to a good cause.

Houston Center for Literacy:
ApolloCon's 2013 Charity

Who We Are

Houston Center for Literacy (formerly Houston READ Commission) is working to build a literate, prepared workforce by supporting literacy agencies and programs, engaging the entire community to join us in solving our city's low literacy problem, and connecting learners with the education they need to be prepared for the future.

Why We Exist

Houston's staggering low literacy statistics have significant implications on the city's wellbeing now and in the future, including our workforce, the lives of many families, as well as the safety of all of our citizens.

Houston's Low-Literacy Statistics:
  • One in three adult Houstonians is functionally illiterate. (National Adult Literacy Survey, 2003)
  • Houston was recently ranked #60 out of the 75 least literate cities in the United States, #75 being the least literate. (In 2005, Houston ranked #53)
  • The estimated cost of low literacy to taxpayers and businesses in Texas is $20,000,000,000 (that's billions) a year. Nationwide, $5 billion a year in taxes goes to support people receiving public assistance that are unemployable due to illiteracy

What We Do

Houston Center for Literacy supports the Mayor's Coalition for Literacy in the following areas:
  • Advocacy on the city, state, and federal levels
  • Fundraising and Resource Distribution
  • Volunteer and Professional Development
  • Technical Assistance
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Literacy Helpline and Zip Code finder for learners and volunteers
  • Research and Development
  • Best Literacy Practices Consulting and Dissemination
  • Literacy Demonstration Centers
  • Pilot Programs

Our Recent Accomplishments:

  • Serve as Houston's primary adult education advocate and recently received a large grant from a local funder to support a Director of Advocacy position at HCL.
  • Launched a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System, replacing the outdated Literacy Helpline, for learners, tutors, and donors to find the closest literacy provider to them. This IVR system is able to track the number of callers in real time and is able to discern the effectiveness of provider agencies, based on the amount/ of time spent talking to callers.
  • Partnered with ProLiteracy on the U.S. Conference on Adult Literacy (USCAL) and with Literacy Powerline on the National Literacy Coalition Conference in November 2011i.