NO food, drinks, tote bags, purses, fanny packs or camera bags will be allowed in the art room. Also, it would be appreciated if no cell phones with video capabilities were brought into the room.

No cameras of any kind will be allowed, with the exception of photos of their own setup by the individual artists or visual recording for the conference's archives.

Only bids in dollar increments will be accepted, as the Art Show Director isn't at all fond of mathematics, even WITH a computer.

Artist Reception

Starting at 9 pm, the Artist Reception will be held Friday Night in the Art Show. All ApolloCon Members are welcome to come meet the Artists, mingle with fans and enjoy some refreshments. Art supplies will be available for those who wish to unleash their inner artist.

Artist Registration

Contact the Art Show Director for the registration form. The form must accompany the registration fee, for accountability purposes.

Art reservation fees are : $12 per 4 ft. x 4 ft. panel and/or 18 in. x 6 ft. table. Make a check payable to ApolloCon, or pay via the ApolloCon PayPal account (contact the Art Show Director for PayPal info).

Money to reserve panels should be sent in as soon as possible, as the art show director is busily doing her best to fill the room. Art show reservations can no longer be considered official until payment has been received. Art should arrive no later than one (1) week before the con.

Plea From Art Show Director: If you contact me regarding participation in the art show, please do not wait until the month before the conference to send in your reservation. See previous paragraph. I had one artist do this last year, and the only reason he got in was that another long-registered artist had to cancel at the last minute.

Art Shipment

Art should be sent to the following address:
ApolloCon Art Show
attn : Anita Haddock
10300 Harwin Drive, No. 1021
Houston, Texas 77036-1529