What Is Filk?

(From WikiPedia) Filk is a musical culture, genre, and community tied to science fiction/fantasy fandom and a type of fan labor. The genre has been active since the early 1950s, and played primarily since the mid-1970s. The term (originally a typographical error) predates 1955

Would you like to Participate?

Open filking is from 10pm to 1am Friday in Seattle I and Saturday in Scotsdale. Come join us. You don't have to play or sing. Everyone has the option to Pick someone to perform and/or something to be peformed, Pass and just listen or Perform something. The turns go in an approximate circle. There is no pressure to Participate and there are chairs in the back for listeners.

Filk Concerts

Time Performer
1pm Saturday Judy Craft
2pm Saturday Joseph "Fax" Abbot
3pm Saturday Mel. White
4pm Saturday Ghost of a Rose

Concerts are held in Houston/Dallas -- where the art show and charity auction are set up.