Programming, Media Room and Dealer Info Now ONLINE!!!

Click the links above for information on ApolloCon 2013 programming, media room, and dealers.

Get a Room

ApolloCon is getting closer, and so is the deadline for reserving your room at the DoubleTree. Stay the whole weekend! Reserve a room by June 14 to make sure you don't miss a minute of the programming, gaming, socializing, media, dancing and all the other fun stuff going on at ApolloCon!

Enjoy one of the best convention hotels at one of the best rates in all of fandom: $87, plus local fees and taxes. Parking is always free, and this year, so is WiFi!


Reserve Your Place at our 10th ApolloCon

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Register for your 2013 membership. Rates will never be lower and the money saved will be your own.

Join the Con Committee for ApolloCon 2013

Returning chair, Jonathan Guthrie is always looking for people to help behind the scenes. If you have any interest in pitching in, send him an e-mail or watch this space for the meeting schedule and show up at a concom meeting. There are multiple jobs that need doing and many hands make light work. Whatever level of commitment you are interested in making, there is some way you can help.


ApolloCon is always looking for a few good fen. Come, be a part of ApolloCon by becoming a volunteer. Set your own hours. Earn prizes. And, if you work eight or more hours of documented volunteer time, you can earn a FREE membership to ApolloCon 2014.

Forget to Book Your Hotel Room?

Did you fail to book your room at ApolloCon before the deadline? Have any questions or issues with the hotel? Ectoplasm in the room? Who you gonna call--er, email?!? The Hotel Liaison, of course!!

Party, Party, Party

Some of you have told us, The only thing missing from ApolloCon is one of your legendary ApolloCon room parties. Well, since it's your ApolloCon, we listened...

This year, for the first time ever, there will be an ApolloCon room party at ApolloCon! So, don't miss it—Friday night, June 21. Watch for flyers—or possibly aliens—at the con for location and time.

And we bet you're thinking, "Well, if I'd have known that, I'd have booked a room at ApolloCon, so I could stay late, but ALAS, the deadline for reserving a room has passed!" We're way ahead of you...

The deadline to book your room has been extended to Friday, June 14.

So GET A ROOM!! And we'll see you at ApolloCon, June 21-23!

Ze Dance

A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. DJ HawZ, an old loner on a crusade, to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless. In a world of criminals who operate above the law...

...Saturday night at ApolloCon...

Special Screening

ApolloCon is proud to announce "Frankenstein's Monster", First Step Cinematics' Steampunk adaptation of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein will be screened at ApolloCon on Saturday, June 22. For more information, visit them on Facebook.

Nominations Open for ApolloCon 2014 Chair

We're in the home stretch of planning for ApolloCon 2013, but we're also planning next year's ApolloCon. The first item on that agenda is to select a nominee to be the Chair.

The Con Chair's duties include selecting the department heads for ApolloCon, inviting local guests, presiding over meetings of the ApolloCon Committee, and generally being responsible for the operation of ApolloCon.

Anyone who has attended at least three ApolloCon meetings or functions in the last year is eligible to submit nominations. Eligible functions include regular ApolloCon Committee meetings, which are open to the public. ApolloCon 2012 counts as one of the three.

If you know someone who is willing and able to perform the duties of the Chair for 2014, send a nomination to Include a brief statement why you think this person would do a great job. Submit your nominations no later than Sunday, June 2, 2013. The selection process and voting will be described in a subsequent notice.

Mobile Website Obsolete

With the advent of smartphones with improved technology, the mobile website was deemed obsolete and there will not be a 2013 version of it produced.

New this Year:

Click on the button at the top of your screen where it says START HERE for the quick guide to ApolloCon. Intended especially for people new to ApolloCon or fandom, it is also a good quick reference guide for the the veteran fan as well.