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ApolloCon FAQ

What do you want to know?

Can I be on a panel?

YES! Please contact our Programming Coordinator.

How old is ApolloCon?

ApolloCon 2012 is the ninth ApolloCon.

How do I get a room near Party Alley?

Contact our Hotel Liaison and ask to be assigned a room near the parties. These spaces are limited so be sure to get your request in early.

Con Chair Jonathan Guthrie conchair.2012
Evil Vizier Kim Kofmel vizier.2012
Treasurer Alison Parker treasurer.2012
Registration Keri Bas registration.2012
Programming Katy Pace programming.2012
Art Show Director Anita Haddock artshow.2012
Artist Reception Patty Prevett art_reception.2012
Charity Auction Alison Parker charity.2012
Con Suite Kim Zrubek consuite.2012
Dance Ahliana Byrd dance.2012
Dealers Room Russ Ault dealer.2012
Filk Katy Pace filk.2012
Gaming Penelope McFadin gaming.2012
Hotel Liaison Katy Pace hotelliaison.2012
LARP Katy Pace larp.2012
Logistics Ogg logistics.2012
Masquerade Mary Miller masquerade.2012
Media Coordinator Michael "Snicker" Lynch mediafestival.2012
Newspaper Editor Clif Davis newsletter.2012
Ops Mark Hall ops.2012
Program Book Kim Kofmel program_book.2012
    Ad Sales Kim Kofmel adsales.2012
Promotion / Publicity Erin Weinstock promotion_publicity.2012
Publications / Art Director Mark Hall artdirector.2012
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