ApolloCon 2011
ApolloCon 2011 Rules & Regulations
PLEASE NOTE: These are general public policies and rules. Please see the appropriate pages for specific or full rules for Art Show, Dealers Room, Masquerade, Registration, Volunteers.
Attendees must have a valid ApolloCon membership.
A membership can be revoked by the convention for cause.
Memberships are non-refundable.
A membership is not transferrable unless otherwise stated; if transferrable, a specified procedure must be followed.
Memberships may be transferred in advance of the convention by following the specific procedure as outlined by ApolloCon registration. A membership may be transferred only once.
Memberships are not, ordinarily, transferable once the badge is picked up at the con. That is, badges may not be shared or passed from one individual to another. Badge-sharing is a cause for membership revocation.
Youth members 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult (parent or legal guardian).
Kids-in-Tow MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
BADGES must be worn at all times. Your badge may be required to attend any or all functions. Attendance at some functions, such as workshops or games, may be limited to a fixed number and attendance or participation at those functions cannot be guaranteed. Some special events may require an extra fee in addition to membership.
Materials fee may apply for Kid-in-Tow for some ApolloKids activities.
Some areas of the convention (e.g., art show con suite, gaming) may require children older than 12 to be accompanied by an adult; please check posted signs and rules.
NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED in the Art Show or Exhibits Area.
NO tote bags, purses, fanny packs, or camera bags allowed in the Art Show or Exhibits Area.
No CAMERAS (including cell phones) allowed in the Art Show, with the exception of photos of their own setup by the individual artists or visual recording for the conference's archives.
Only bids in dollar increments will be accepted, as the Art Show Director isn't at all fond of mathematics, even WITH a computer.
Use of a weapon, real or simulated, in an inappropriate or irresponsible manner will not be tolerated. Any such irresponsibility will result in ejection from the conference. All weapons, real or simulated, will remain sheathed/secured at all times except during a scheduled demonstration, performance or costume event and only with PRIOR approval by the Programming or Masquerade Directors.
The hotel places the following additional restrictions on weapons on hotel property: No weapons or simulated weapons can be displayed in the lobby area or guestroom hallways. Swords or simulated swords cannot be sharp and must be sheathed or covered in public areas.
The consuite cannot guarantee to be free from allergens. Members with food allergies are advised to exercise reasonable caution and care.
Con Crud is real; please be considerate when handling food items. If you touch it, eat it or throw it away; please don't put it back.
Children under 13 years must be accompanied by an adult in the consuite.
Please do not take food or beverages away from the designated consuite area.
ApolloCon does not support piracy and strives to respect the IP rights of creators.
All players and GMs must have a valid ApolloCon membership and badge.
Some games may have age-restricted participation.
Gaming Coordinator reserves the right to control entry to the game room to prevent over-crowding or for any other valid reason.
All players, STs, and NPCs must have a valid ApolloCon membership and badge.
LARPs may have age-restricted participation.
LARPs will have an upper limit on numbers of players reflecting the available play space.
Volunteers who work 8 hours at the con are eligible for a refund or a rollover, depending on the availability of funds. Volunteer hours must be scheduled, tracked, and authorized through department heads and the volunteer coordinator. ApolloCon also appreciates the donation of hours if a volunteer chooses to make a gift of their time.
Parties must be held on the designated party floor.
Register your party in advance of the con by contacting the hotel liaison.
While we do our best to buffer the party area, party hosts are reminded to be considerate of other hotel guests in terms of traffic and noise.
No open alcohol in the halls.
CLOTHING, including costumes, MUST be street legal. In the words of the hotel: No suggestive or partial nudity costumes are to be worn in public areas of the hotel.
The DoubleTree is a non-smoking hotel, with the exception of a small number of smoking sleeping rooms. DO NOT smoke in function spaces, corridors, stairwells or elevators.
Please, do not bring outside food or drink into main-floor function spaces. Items purchased from the hotel are permitted.
Masks must be removed when being served alcoholic beverages. The server must be able to verify identification and minimum age requirement.
By attending ApolloCon public events, you expressly agree to be photographed or videotaped, without compensation, for marketing or promotional purposes. You further agree that ApolloCon is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property, nor will ApolloCon be responsible for personal injury sustained during the con.
You are solely responsible for any damage you cause to hotel property, ApolloCon property, or property loaned to or rented by ApolloCon. You break it: you buy it.
COURTESY to your fellow con-goers is strongly advocated. ApolloCon wishes for everyone to have an absolutely wonderful time. Please remember that the good time you are having should not simultaneously be causing someone else misery.
DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Any member who, in the opinion of an ApolloCon committee member, acts in a manner which is disruptive to the con shall have his or her membership revoked without refund, will be escorted from the con area, and will not be permitted to return for the duration of the con. ApolloCon reminds members that we share the hotel with many non-con-attending guests. Please be courteous.
Programming and guests subject to change without notice

check back for updates