ApolloCon 2011
ApolloCon 2011 LARP
This year, ApolloCon is hosting 3 LARPs, described below. See our Gaming page for times and places.
For more info on LARP at ApolloCon, please contact our LARP Coordinator.
Friday Night - Firefly LARP
Run By:
Redfeather and Houston Browncoats
30 - 40
Two ships in the black, one a derelict Alliance Cruiser from before the war, the other a desperate ship from a burned out world SHADOW. Both using Steam technology to power themselves through the black and both in need of supplies and power. What happens when dangerous deserters meet dangerous refugees. Which are you, the yellow purple belly or the green coal miner? Be there to showcase your steampunky goodness and figure out HOW in the BLACK steam tech works in space!!!!!!! For more information, email or www.houstonbrowncoats.com.
Saturday Afternoon - Cthulhu LARP
Run By:
10 to 20
What makes someone a hero? Is it superpowers, is it the willpower to fight the good fight, or is it making the hard choice when no one else will?

In this Call of Cthulhu Live-Action Role Playing game, you become a member of the superhero group known as Task Force 9. Despite your best efforts, an insidious alien plague has overwhelmed the citizens of the world. You represent the last of humanity, and now it's up to you to solve the mystery, and to put an end to the attacks that plague your home in Central City.

Push yourself and your sanity to the very edge, and determine once and for all what makes a hero, and what you'd be willing to sacrifice to hold on to that dream.

A Live-Action Cthulhu Event for 10-20 players, brought to you by Mythos Houston.
Saturday Night - Steampunk LARP
Run By:
Luffship Emily West Morgan
10 to 35
His Excellency President Mirabeau B. Lamar of the Republic of Texas has declared an new alliance with the Republic of the Yucatan, and you are invited to the Celebration Ball in honor of the occasion. Steampunk LARP sponsored by Luffship Emily West Morgan.
Programming and guests subject to change without notice

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