ApolloCon 2011
About the Houston Science Fiction Association (HSFA)
The Houston Science Fiction Association is a dba of a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion and support of Science Fiction and Fantasy in Houston and the surrounding area.
HSFA is incorporated as a literary educational organization, and considers its mandate to include all branches of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror as expressed in literature, television, film, art, performance, and interactive media.
The goals of HSFA are
  • to promote Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror as components of culture, leisure, education, and social activity;
  • to assist in the access to and distribution of information about Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror;
  • to assist in the promotion of local Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror groups;
  • to provide a forum for communication by and amongst fans in the Houston area;
  • to sponsor events of interest to the local fan community.
HSFA is the sponsor of ApolloCon, Houston's general Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror con since 2004. HSFA also sponsors a writer's workshop, which has been offered in conjunction with ApolloCon since 2006. HSFA manages the Houston Fandom Yahoo!Group (at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hou-sf-con/), a public discussion and information list for fandom in the Houston area.
A general meeting of the HSFA is held each year at ApolloCon, and is open to the public. HSFA is a fan-run, all-volunteer non-profit corporation, and seeks input and participation from the community. At this time, voting rights on some HSFA activities and issues is based on a combination of Yahoo!Group membership and attendance at HSFA events.
[The HSFA is not to be confused with the Houston Science Fiction Society (HSFS), a long-running local Science Fiction appreciation group and its current incarnation, The Ritual-SF Breakfast.]