ApolloCon 2011
ApolloCon 2011 Charity Auction
ApolloCon 2011 Official Charity is Comp-U-Dopt
About Comp-U-Dopt
250 million computers are in use nationally, with an average lifespan of about three years in business settings. Of those computers, only 18 percent of computers are recycled properly. An estimated 68 million used computers languish in storage warehouses across the United States and millions more end up in landfills.
At the same time, countless school-age children do not have access to a computer in their home. These children are at a significant educational disadvantage. Comp-U-Dopt exists to connect the existing supply of unused or discarded corporate computers and the educational needs of under-served Houston children.
Founded in 2007, Comp-U-Dopt awards computers to children who submit essays explaining how a computer will benefit their education. Each refurbished computer comes with Linux-based educational tools such as word processing, spreadsheet,presentation, and Internet capabilities. Children who receive computers attend a two-hour "adoption" session with parents or guardians to learn software use and computer care.
Donating computers to Comp-U-Dopt is a safe, reliable way to dispose of working computers and monitors that are not in use. Corporate, institutional and individual donors can be assured hard drives of donated computers are erased to U.S. Department of Defense standards.
How you can help
  • Donate items to our Silent Auction.  If you want your item listed on the website or in the program book, please e-mail our Charity Auction Coordinator.
  • Donate new or gently-used books to our charity book drive. Drop boxes will be located at key locations including the Con Suite, Registration and Operations.
  • Bid on auction items.  The Charity Auction items will be on display in the Art Show & Exhibit room (Houston-Dallas Room).
How to bid on items
  • Each item has a bid sheet.
  • Write your name and badge number on the bid sheet.
  • If you are the first bidder, you may elect to purchase the item outright for the "immediate sale" price.
  • Otherwise, enter your bid on the bid sheet.
  • Items not bought via the immediate sale option will either go to the highest bidder or be auctioned at the joint art/charity auction on Saturday evening. This is at the discretion of the charity coordinator and the auctioneers.
For more info on the Charity Auction at ApolloCon 2011, please e-mail our Charity Auction Coordinator.
Programming and guests subject to change without notice

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