ApolloCon 2011
ApolloCon 2011 Arduino Workshop

Last year, we built Arduinos from components, this year we program them. Bring the Arduino you built last year, or any Arduino or clone you have, and ApolloCon's resident geek (David Brummel) and one of the co-hosts of 90.1 KPFT's Technology Bytes (Barrett Canon) will show you how to build some simple circuits and program your Arduino to drive them. The workshops includes a parts kit, program code, circuit diagrams and reference materials.

Limited Attendance.

There will be a Materials Fee of $25.

No Soldering Required.


We will have a few extra Arduinos you can borrow/purchase.

Duration: 2 hours. Time and place: TBA.

Parts Kit Contents
Our Parts Kit for the Workshop starts with the Arduino Sidekick Basic Kit from Seeed Studio, which contains:
  • Breadboard X 1
  • Breadboard jumper wire X 70
  • Red LED X 10
  • Green LED X 10
  • RGB LED X 1
  • Ceramic Capacitor (10nF X 10, 100nF X 10)
  • Electrolytic Capacitor (100uF X 5)
  • Resistor (330 X 10, 1k X 10, 10k X 10)
  • Tilt switch X 1
  • Thermistor X 1
  • Photo resistor X 1
  • Diode X 1
  • Buzzer X 1
  • Push button X 5
  • Slide Switch X 5
  • Mini Servo X 1
  • Potentiometer with knob X 1
  • Resistor Instructor card X 1?
  • Plastic Box X 1
To which we've added:
  • Blue LED X 10
  • RGB LED X 2
  • 10k Trimpot X 3
With these, you will be able to build all the Projects in the Workshop and many other additional projects you can find on the net.
We plan to build the following Projects. Each has been chosen to build on earlier Projects, in a progression that should minimize code and circuit changes as we go.
  • Blinking LED
  • Push Button on-off (momentary)
  • Push Button on-off (toggle)
  • Use a Variable Resistor to control LED blink speed
  • Use a Variable Resistor to control LED brightness
  • Use a Sensor (Photoresistor) to control LED brightness
  • Use 3 Variable Resistors to control 3 (R,G,B) LEDs' brightness
  • Use 3 Variable Resistors to control an RGB LED's color
  • Use a Variable Resistor to control a Servo Motor
Need an Arduino?
If you don't have a breadboard Arduino from last year's workshop, or you own Arduino or clone, we will have a few for loan or purchase. Or, you can buy and Arduino or clone from any of the following:
Programming and guests subject to change without notice

check back for updates