ApolloCon 2010

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ApolloCon 2010 Registration
The registration price for ApolloCon 2010 will never be lower than it is today!
Pre-register now!
Registration Rates
$20 Until Sep 1st
$25 Until Jan 1st
$30 Until May 1st
$35 Until the end of Pre-Registration (see below)
$40 At the Con
Student Discount $5.00
(not available online)
Memberships at ApolloCon
ApolloCon is offering the following Memberships for 2010:
Class Rate Details
Adult Membership See above 13 years and older
Student Discount $5 off Adult Rate with valid Student ID
Youth $10 6-12 years old on June 26, 2010
Kid-in-Tow Free aged 5 or under on June 26, 2010
Materials fee may apply for Kid-in-Tow for some ApolloKids activities.
Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult (parent or legal guardian).
Some areas of the convention (e.g., art show con suite, gaming) may require children older than 12 to be accompanied by an adult; please check posted signs and rules.
Note: Kids-in-tow will be registered as members and given special badges.
Information on Membership Classes Coming Soon
Register Online
Deadline: Midnight June 20
To pre-register for ApolloCon 2010 online and pay for your membership at the current rate, click on the PayPal button:
Badge Name  
Pre-registration is now closed; please register at the door. We'll see you at ApolloCon!
Register By Mail
Deadline: Postmarked by June 15
If you would rather pay by check, you can pay by mail using our handy printable Registration Form.
Mail-in registration is now closed; please register through our online form or at the door. We'll see you at ApolloCon!
One Day Memberships
One Day Memberships will be available at ApolloCon:
  • Friday - $20
  • Saturday - $25
  • Sunday - $20
Friday and Saturday day memberships may be converted to full memberships by paying the difference between the Day rate and the appropriate at-door Weekend rate. There are no discounts on One-Day Memberships. Student discounts will be applied to upgrades.
Programming and guests subject to change without notice

check back for updates