ApolloCon 2010

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ApolloCon 2010 LARP
ApolloCon will host two LARPs for 2010.
For questions, suggestions, or more information about LARPing at ApolloCon in general, please contact LARP at ApolloCon.
After the adventures aboard the HIGH FALUTE, the rebels and the mobsters have escaped to the mob controlled town of Chitogo on the moon of Whitefall. They have an uneasy truce and both sides are trying to undermine the other with the locals. The locals have been under the heel of the mob for years, some love it because they have made money, others loath it because it makes them party to scum. They see the rebels as a chance to kick out the mob for good. The pro mob side sees the rebels as an upset to the balance and a chance to make more money. This day has been fraught with upset because an alliance spy was recently captured and killed. This set off accusations and in some cases outright aggression. By the end of the day, one side will control this town. Will it be the mob to keep as a hole in the wall for crime, or will it be the rebels to use secret base of operations? What side will your character take, who will you fight for?
Game is open to all registered ApolloCon attendees, ages 18 and up. For more information or to register in advance, please email larp_firefly.2010@apollocon.org.
Game is expected to begin at 9pm in Seattle II; please check programming schedules as they are published for up-to-date times and locations.
It's suddenly a busy night at Eleanor's, the greasy spoon just a few miles up the road from the air force base. Everything seemed quiet enough until they showed up. Now it's a half-hour until closing time and all Hell's about to break loose.
Mythos Houston presents a brush with the beyond in this live-action Call of Cthulhu role-playing event. This game will showcase real-time combat, and is open to all registered ApolloCon attendees, though space is limited to 25 players. For more information or to register in advance, please email larp_cthulhu.2010@apollocon.org or go to houstonmythos.org.
Game is expected to start at 10pm in Tucson; please check programming schedules as they are published for up-to-date times and locations.
If you have any suggestions or questions regarding LARP at ApolloCon 2010, please contact the
ApolloCon 2010 LARP Proposal

Thank you for your interest in running a LARP at ApolloCon. In order to process your application, we need you to fill out this questionanire. If you do not yet have an answer for any question below, please note it in your response.

Your name:
Your email address:
Verify email address:
  1. Please give a synopsis of what your players should know before entering game.
  2. Please give a synopsis of the plot you intend to run.
  3. Please give us a timeline for completion of materials needed for the LARP. (i.e., characters, props, etc.)
  4. There are many different types of gamers, but the biggest division seems to come from those who want to play the grand story and concentrate on RP, versus those who want more action and combat. How do you propose to run a LARP that will appeal to both groups.?
  5. Mary Wallflower is new to LARP and is having difficulty getting involved. How do you propose to keep all of the Mary Wallflowers out there engaged in your LARP?
  6. What is the maximum amount of people you are willing to run game for?
  7. The LARP community can be small, sometimes. If someone shows up whom you don't like (or they don't like you), how will you deal with that person? (Note, if you can't think of anyone like that off the top of your head, go ahead and pretend that there is someone like that and apply this.)
  8. Someone is being disruptive at your game. This is causing many people to not enjoy themselves. How do you resolve the issue?
  9. ApolloCon has two types of rooms available for LARP use: function rooms and board rooms. The hotel does not permit outside food or beverages (food and beverages not purchased from the hotel) in function rooms. If you want food in your LARP, it must be either in a boardroom or catered by the hotel. There is no ApolloCon budget for food for LARPs; cost of food, particularly catered food, is the responsibility of the LARP. If you want food for your LARP, arrangements must be made early either for use of a boardroom or for catering; ApolloCon will assist with catering arrangements for best results in cost and logistics. Do you expect your LARP to include food or beverages?
  10. The proposed 2010 guideline for complimentary passes will be one GM pass per 15 players registered. What effect might this have on staffing your game?
  11. Do you have a problem with the LARP coordinator attending your development meetings with your staff?
  12. If we decide on a different LARP for this year, do you have an interest in being added to a waiting list for next year?
  13. How much space do you anticipate needing? What is the minimum space your game requires to function?
  14. We have two or three main scheduling options for LARPs at ApolloCon 2010. Please let us know your slot preferences by numbering each one in order of preference, with one being your most preferred.
    Friday Night (starting at 9pm or 10pm)
    Saturday Day (start time to be determined)
    Saturday Night (starting at 9pm or 10pm)

    PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee your most preferred slot; in particular, please note that the Saturday Day slot may not be offered at all or may not be possible for specific LARPs depending on space requirements.

Programming and guests subject to change without notice

check back for updates