ApolloCon 2010

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ApolloCon 2010 Programming
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Got an idea for something YOU'D like to see at ApolloCon 2010? Send it to our Programming Director. Or use our Brainstorm Form.

Our program for 2010 will include a variety of panels, presentations, and lectures, as well as our Friday Concert and the Saturday Masquerade and Show (including a new installment of Skip Thruster: Space Detective!) .

Our topics range from soup to nuts (heavy on the nuts) and our speakers include artists, writers, editors, costumers, fans, gamers, pros, amateurs, scholars, scientists, and musicians.

  • Interview and Q&A with Allen Steele (GoH)
  • Q&A with Lou Anders (Editor GoH)
  • Technique Demonstration with Brad Foster (Artist GoH)
  • Interview with Anne K. G. Murphy (Fan GoH)
  • Concert with Margaret Middleton (Filk Guest)


  • Larry Friesen - Stars: Characteristics, Life Histories, and Potential as Hosts for Life
  • Al Jackson - 2001: A Space Odyssey - Yesterday's Tomorrow
  • Kandy Jarvis - Scientific Data: How the heck did they get those answers?
  • Working in the Space Industry panel


  • A wide range of topics and perspectives, including Con Art Shows, Craziest Space Travel Ideas, Food & Fantasy, and more!



  • ApolloCon Writers Workshop
  • Illustration Workshop with Brad Foster
  • Junk Pile Wars Instant Costume Workshop


  • Scotch Tasting
  • Chocolate Tastings
  • Fiber Fans Spin'n'Stitch
  • Dancing for Geeks
Feature Programming


The ApolloCon Writers Workshop is a peer-critique workshop for which participants have submitted a short story or novel excerpt in advance that will be critiqued by all other participants in a round-robin fashion. The workshop facilitators are Amy Sisson, whose stories have appeared in the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthologies and Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, and Alexis Glynn Latner, whose novel Hurricane Moon was published by Pyr in 2007.


Our show kicks off with music by Bland Lemon and the Lemon Aides, followed by our fifth annual Masquerade featuring wonderful costumes both in and out of competition. During competition judging, Bennie Grezlik and his hand-picked cast will perform a new installment of Skip Thruster: Space Detective! All this entertainment starts at 8pm Saturday in the Seattle Ballroom. Seating opens at 7:45pm.


ApolloCon's formal Masquerade on Saturday night features a display stream and a competition stream in order to maximize participation. Costumes not eligible for competition are invited to enter the display stream, and may still be eligible for presentation awards. All awards are determined by our panel of distinguished judges.

Costumes must pre-register for the masquerade, preferably by 3pm Saturday afternoon, and Muster begins at 7pm in Scottsdale. Full rules and registration forms are available in the Ops Office and on the website. Early registrations should be dropped off in the Ops Office before 3pm. Late registrations may be brought to the Muster. (We strongly advise early registration as it helps us plan the show to everyone's best advantage!)

Join us Saturday night in the Seattle Ballroom for our fifth annual ApolloCon Masquerade!


Please join us for a Skip Thruster: Space Detective! ApolloCon Radio Theater play Saturday night in the Seattle Ballroom during the costume contest judging. This year's play is called "Skip Thruster and the Doomsday Machine" and stars Brian Gray as Skip and Anne K.G. Murphy as Kitty. Skip Thruster is the brainchild of author Bennie Grezlik. (A special casting call for Skip Thruster will be held Saturday afternoon. Check the schedule for details).


As well as various panels (check schedule for details), Allen Steele will be appearing in:

  • Kaffeeklatsch
  • Live Interview and Q&A conducted by Anne K.G. Murphy (Saturday)
  • special one-hour reading slot (Saturday)
  • formal autograph session (Saturday)


We kick-off the weekend at 8pm Friday in Seattle I with a concert featuring Margaret Middleton, with music by Steven Brust, and comedy by Anne K.G. Murphy, followed at 9pm by a full-stage version of Selina Rosen's "Yard Dog Press Traveling Road Show." A once-in-a-lifetime show!


Want a crash course in Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom? Or at least a crash course in ApolloCon? Pick up a copy of the ApolloCon 101 course guide (available in the Ops Office) and follow the instructions. Pursue associate, ordinary, and honors level achievement in Spec Fic Fandom! Show us your finished course work to receive a completion certificate (by mail), and a chance to win a special prize. Participation is limited. First come, first enrolled!

Programming and guests subject to change without notice

check back for updates