ApolloCon 2010

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ApolloCon 2010 Con Committee

If you're not sure who to contact with your specific question or issue, send an email to info.2010 @apollocon.org and we'll make sure it gets to the right place.

Con Chair Kim Kofmel conchair.2010 @apollocon.org
Treasurer Rebecca Elsenheimer treasurer.2010 @apollocon.org
Evil Vizier Tag Team Mark B. Hall/Katy Pace info.2010 @apollocon.org
Registration Keri Bas (Registrar) registration.2010 @apollocon.org
Programming Director Katy Pace programming.2010 @apollocon.org
Gaming Coordinator Frank Scheers gaming.2010 @apollocon.org
LARPs For information contact: larp.2010 @apollocon.org
Dance Coordinator Ahliana Byrd dance.2010 @apollocon.org
Art Show Director Anita Haddock artshow.2010 @apollocon.org
Artist Reception Patti Prevett art_reception.2010 @apollocon.org
Charity Auction Director J-Mag Guthrie charity.2010@apollocon.org
Dealers' Room Director Kris Overstreet dealer.2010 @apollocon.org
Con Suite Chuck Coshow & Val Villarreal consuite.2010 @apollocon.org
Promotion / Publicity Kim Kofmel promotion_publicity.2010 @apollocon.org
Publications / Art Director Mark B. Hall artdirector.2010 @apollocon.org
Program Book Erika Frensley program_book.2010 @apollocon.org
Newsletter Editor Pogo newsletter.2010 @apollocon.org
Volunteer Coordinators TBA volunteer.2010 @apollocon.org
Filk Coordinator Joseph "Fax Paladin" Abbott filk.2010 @apollocon.org
Logistics Jonathan Guthrie logistics.2010 @apollocon.org
Ops Mari Ferguson ops.2010 @apollocon.org
Hotel Liaison Mark B. Hall hotelliaison.2010 @apollocon.org
Masquerade Director Mary Miller masquerade.2010 @apollocon.org
Media Festival Director Mark Hall mediafestival.2010 @apollocon.org
Website David H Brummel webmaster.2010 @apollocon.org

Our Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 541822
Houston, TX 77254

Programming and guests subject to change without notice

check back for updates