ApolloCon 2009

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ApolloCon 2008 Volunteer Form

Your Full Name

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Membership Compensation Level: Conference Background:
Are you a newbie or a seasoned pro?

Availability of Refunds:

Each volunteer must indicate their preference for refund or deferral when they sign up as a volunteer. If funds are not available for refunds, all qualified volunteers will receive a deferred incentive.  Refunds will be given to qualified volunteers if sufficient funds are available after ApolloCon meets all other obligations.

*ApolloCon's incentive policy is based upon membership refunds and deferrals.

Event(s) OVER 1,000 attendees:
(please seperate with commas)

Event(s) UNDER 1,000 attendees:
(please seperate with commas)

Interest Level: Departments/Activities
(choose a minimum of 3)
Availability: Phase of Conference

Art Show (more info)
Charity Auction (more info)
Con Suite (more info)
Dealers' Room (more info)
Gaming (more info)
Logistics (on site/off site) (more info)
Logistics/OPS (more info)
Masquerade (more info)
Programming/monitoring events
Registration (more info)
Volunteering (more info)

Months prior to the event (general prep)
Planning committee, prior to event
Thursday - Logistics storage-hotel run (18+)
Thursday - Hotel/General preparations (18+)
Friday - Initial ALL department set-up (8 AM)
At the event (Friday/Saturday/Sunday only)
Sunday - Main tear down (12:00-5:00PM)
Sunday - Logistics hotel-storage run (18+) (12:00-5:00PM)


List as many hours as you wish, but be SPECIFIC on what (rough) times you WILL be available to volunteer (we are early bird, late riser, and night owl friendly). 


  • Double credit hours for set-up and tear down.
  • Reduced student volunteer hours with a current/valid school ID.
  • The grateful outpouring of gratitude from the conference committee.
  • Refund or deferral of current ApolloCon membership (8 hours = full credit).
Logistics storage / hotel run
Hotel / Gen evening prep.
(morning / afternoon / evening)
(morning / afternoon / evening)
(morning / afternoon)
Logistics hotel-storage run
Morning (12AM-12PM)
Afternoon (12PM-5PM)
Evening (5PM-12AM)
Morning (12AM-12PM)
Afternoon (12PM-5PM)
Evening (5PM-12AM)
Morning (12AM-12PM)
Afternoon (12PM-5PM)
Evening (5PM-12AM)
Morning (12AM-12PM)
Afternoon (12PM-5PM)
Evening (5PM-12AM)
Morning (12AM-12PM)
Afternoon (12PM-5PM)
Evening (5PM-12AM)
Morning (12AM-12PM)
Afternoon (12PM-5PM)
Evening (5PM-12AM)
  1. To become a volunteer you must have a valid paid/deferred ApolloCon membership/registration badge.
  2. Signing on as a volunteer member, for the purposes of running a Conference, is a contract with all the members of the Conference Committee, and as such you represent this event and its continued success. Abiding by the rules and regulations guiding the volunteer office, your appointed department, and the Conference itself safeguards its reputation, and the safety of all concerned.
    • Personal conduct is a given. Failing to report for shifts (Always report 5 minutes before start time, for any duty related notes and news), shirking of duties (Not working shift the entire length until replaced), and/or remarks/actions of an offensive nature, or reporting to work under the influence (alcohol or illegal drugs) will be grounds for immediate departmental reprimand, which may result in expulsion from either volunteer duty, along with all its entitlements, and/or Conference membership.

      ALL volunteers, departments, and committee members are being passively OBSERVED by both ApolloCon members, and the hotel staff. Be aware the conference and others may hear about unprofessional or inappropriate behavior during or after the conference through idle conversation, official complaints, or casually posted comments.

    • Departments and/or con chair must authorize all tasks, assigned to, or initiated by the committee members, before being put into action.
    • We hope all those who volunteer are as enthusiastically helpful as we are, and will do their best to keep things running smoothly. From picking up copious trash to redirecting a lost guest.
    • Terms such as "but, that's not my job." Can be better phrased as "I'll have to check with my department on that", or "let me see who I can contact about that, and thanks for the head's up!"
    • Numerous attendees and other Conference staff may need assistance, or questions answered. 90% of you will be the first smiling face they see, so keep in mind: We never turn anyone away without an answer!
  3. Everyone will be assigned to a department or detail. Those who are assigned to a specific department or task will be given a job packet at the Volunteer check-in. **Some departments may opt to have a volunteer member orally verify that he or she will be able to complete the various job duties ahead of time.
    • After check-in. Please follow your department's instructions on any meetings or briefings, which may occur before you start your shift. The volunteer office does not track or monitor core department personnel, only the skilled and/or highly enthusiastically helpful volunteers we provide them.  Each of our volunteers will be tracked by signed time forms.  These must be signed and turned in BEFORE 4PM Sunday, unless working Logistics, then by 5PM Tuesday).
    • Running late? Please utilize your department's contact list, send someone with a note/message, or find an official radioed ApolloCon member/station. It is up to you/them to find someone to cover your shift or to give you further instructions.
    • If you are an overachiever and have signed up with more than one department, please coordinate times and conflicting duties with both. **Those who wish apply for higher status and/or run a department/event must do so through the Conference Committee.
  4. While on a graveyard duty 9PM-9AM. Socializing and doing menial things (reading/writing/studying) are acceptable if you are in an inactive position. Remember you ARE on duty and responsible for carrying out your assigned duties along with ensuring both the safety of our members, the hotel space, and our reputation with said members and hotel. Try not to be out of the function space or off rounds for more than 10 minutes. Duties may include cleaning up or rearranging function space for the morning. As we run 24 hours Friday night - Sunday afternoon please do not make "everyone should leave now" noises, to try to get to bed/off shift earlier.
  5. A few late night duties may include assisting our members in understanding ApolloCon's alcohol and smoking policies.  Private room parties may serve alcoholic beverages but ApolloCon's Con Suite does not (per hotel contract).  Please keep a relaxed, easygoing attitude, while ensuring members dispose discreetly of any alcoholic containers, which may have become too visible to the public.  Our hotel and the city of Houston are non smoking as of September 1, 2007.

    Immediately report disruptive behavior by our members (under the influence or not) to ApolloCon Operations, as procedures are in place to handle such situations.  DO NOT confront them yourself.  Refer any questions or concerns members may have to the ApolloCon Operations department.

I have read the above and agree to work in a voluntary capacity at ApolloCon. I understand that I am responsible for my own actions while working and that ApolloCon cannot be held liable for them. I agree to abide by the rules of duty outlined by my supervisor and ApolloCon. That violation of those rules could result in my ejection from position and possibly revoked ApolloCon membership.

Decline Accept

You MUST accept these guidelines to be considered for a position at ApolloCon!

Original form was created by Eden Starr Creations and restyled for ApolloCon.

If you have any questions or concerns about volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Coordinators.

check back for updates
Programming and guests subject to change without notice