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ApolloCon 2009 Masquerade - FAQ
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What time does the masquerade start?

The ApolloCon Masquerade is a part of our Saturday Show, which is scheduled to start at 8pm. The Show begins with introductions and a brief warm up act. The approximate start time for the Masquerade itself is about 8:30pm. However, if you want to be part of the Masquerade, you need to show up for Muster in advance of the show. Muster starts at 7pm.

What time does the masquerade end?

We don't know, exactly. The length of the masquerade is determined by the number of entries. The more people enter, the longer the show.

Are there any rules?

Yes, there are rules. Most masquerades have rules. We have what looks like lots of rules, but that's because we want to be specific about some details, particularly weapons (Rule 11), nudity (Rule 12), and standard restrictions (Rule 13). You can find a copy of the rules on our website. Rules are also included with the registration forms available on site during the convention.

If I want to be in the masquerade, when do I need to show up in costume?

If you enter the masquerade, you need to show up about an hour before the show for what we call the Muster. We use the Muster to finish up paperwork, take photographs, get people in order, carry out workmanship judging, work out presentation details with the MC, and a number of other prep activities. So if the show starts at 8pm, muster will begin at 7pm.

Where do I need to show up?

The Muster is located in the Scottsdale Room.

How do I register for the masquerade?

Fill out a registration form and turn it in at Ops by 4pm on Saturday at the con, or bring it to the Muster. Registration forms are available online or at Ops during the convention. If you would like to give us advance notice that you will be in our Maquerade, send an email to masquerade.2009 @apollocon.org by midnight June 24, 2009. Officially, on-site pre-registration closes at 4pm on Saturday. We try to be flexible and can fit late registrations into the masquerade if they show up at Muster with completed forms, but we'd rather you pre-registered.

Why shouldn't I just show up at Muster with our forms done to get in the show?

As noted above, we try to be flexible, but the show and the paperwork goes much easier if most people register in advance. Between 4pm and 7pm we need to make a number of decisions like whether we will use experience divisions and what order we want costumes to go onstage. For example, we like all the juniors to go together in one round, and we try not to put all the humor entries in a lump in the middle and so on. The more entries we have registered in advance, the easier that job is.

How is the masquerade judged?

The masquerade is judged by a panel who independently rate the costumes on various criteria (originality or faithfulness to source, etc. etc.) and compare their results to reach a consensus on the awards.

Who are the judges?

Who the judges are varies from year to year. We try to ensure that there is at least one costumer on the panel. Other panel members may include Artist GoH, other GoHs or guests of the convention, or suitable convention members. All we ask is that judges treat the task with a degree of seriousness, since people put so much effort and time into their costumes and presentations. Our judges for 2009 are TBA.

What's workmanship judging?

Workmanship judging is close examination of the way in which a costume was built. You don't have to be judged for workmanship unless you want to be, and you can specify which parts of your costume you want judged. Workmanship judges will always be costumers. Workmanship awards should not be counted if you are trying to determine your experience level.

Can someone else wear my costume in the masquerade?

Yes, you can enter a costume being modeled by someone else. You are the creator and it is your costume, the other person is your model. If the costume wins any awards, you are the winner (with the possible exception of presentation awards, depending on who developed the presentation and the basis of the award).

I bought my costume but I think it's really cool, can I be in the masquerade?

Yes you can, and we would love to have you, but you will be entered as "out of competition." That means you can participate in the show, but you will not be eligible for most standard awards.

I made a costume for my child, can s/he be in the masquerade?

Yes. If s/he is a 13 years old or younger, enter her/him in the "junior - adult made" division. If s/he is 14 years old or older, then s/he would enter the competition as the model for the costume, and you would be listed as the creator. If you are uncertain, or would like to enter a junior as a model, contact the Masquerade Director.

My friends tell me I should enter the masquerade. What should I do?

Enter the masquerade. Your friends are telling you they think your costume is pretty good. We'd like to see it too!

I can't sew. Can I still make a costume for the masquerade?

Absolutely. Duct tape and glue guns are honorable tools. Many excellent costumes have been fabricated from wood, cardboard, fiberglass and a variety of other non-sewable materials. The only requirement is that it must hold together. Costumes that come to pieces onstage or backstage are Not A Good Thing.

I have a costume but I don't want to be in the masquerade. Can I still win an award?

If all goes well, yes, as long as you are wearing it on Saturday night. We hope to have roving judges giving badge ribbons to hall costumes they feel deserve recognition. This is not a certainty for 2009.

What are "Class Divisions"?

Class divisions are a way of grouping entries so that people who have done only a little costuming don't compete against people who've done a lot. Which class divisions we use depend on how many costumes we have in the show. We have generally used only three divisions: Junior, Novice, and Veteran (which lumps all Journeyman, Artisan, and Master entries together).

I have a [fill-in-the-blank] that would keep me from ever going on stage, but I'm really interested in costuming. What can I do?

There are at least three possibilities. You can help out your friends with their costumes, you can volunteer to help out with the masquerade, or you can create and enter a costume that is worn by a model onstage.

I have some mobility considerations, either because of my physical condition or the nature of my costume. What should I do?

Contact the Masquerade Director in advance. Together we can work out a way to get you on and off stage, or to include your entry in the masquerade without requiring you to go on and off stage.

Can my presentation include a stage fight with my buddy?

If you and your buddy can choreograph and rehearse a fight AND it will fit on the stage AND it will not break convention weapon policy AND you've cleared it with the Masquerade Director, sure. Don't improvise a fight. Please, please, please don't improvise a fight.

What is a group costume?

Any entry with more than one person onstage is a group costume. Any costume designed and built by more than one person is a group costume, even if only one person appears on stage. Group costumes may be cooperatively designed and built, or they may be designed and built by one person and modeled by the group.

How large a group can I have for my costume?

As large a one as you can manage and can fit on the stage. Currently our stage is approximately 18 feet wide by 8 feet deep. If you are planning a large presentation and you are not sure if it will fit the stage, contact the Masquerade Director.

How long can my presentation be?

The standard time for a presentation is one (1) minute. That's sixty (60) seconds. Do not go over time. The MC will break in if necessary to end your turn on stage.

That's not very long!

One minute is longer than you think, especially if your main purpose is to display your costume. Try sitting in silence for one minute to get an idea of how long it really is. It is always better to leave people wanting more than to overstay your welcome. Larger group costumes [four or more people appearing on stage] can request a longer time, but please do so in advance.

How do I request more time?

Talk to the Masquerade Director in advance. If it is impossible to talk to the MD in advance, talk to the Muster Manager at muster.

What kind of advice can you give me about presentations?

I can give you lots of advice about presentations, but if I had to limit myself to two comments they would be "plan it in advance" and "rehearse, rehearse, rehearse".

I think music with my presentation would be really cool. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. We think it would be really cool too.

What do I need to do to have music for my presentation?

If you have pre-recorded music and/or dialogue you would like played for your presentation it must be provided on a CD or CD-R with the starting track and time noted, or as an MP3 file, with start time noted. MP3 files must be emailed in advance of the con or can be brought on CD-R. Sound should be clearly labeled with your name and the title of your Masquerade entry. Note your sound requirement and cues on your registration form. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THUMBDRIVES DROPPED OFF WITH SOUND. NO CASSETTE TAPES.

To submit your sound: Drop off your CD or CD-R with your registration form at Ops by 4pm, Saturday June 27 or send MP3 files to masquerade.2009@apollocon.org by midnight June 24, 2009.

Can I talk during my presentation?

If you want, although you should be aware that not everyone in the hall may hear you. You will not be given a microphone. If you have narrative text you want delivered, consider writing it third person for delivery by the MC, who will be introducing you. If you have dialogue or monologue text you want delivered, consider putting it on a CD (as with music, above) to be played over the PA and you can lip synch. That way, everyone who can hear the MC will hear you. Make sure we know by 4pm on Saturday if you will be using sound, so we can be sure to be properly set up for sound.

What do I need to do to have sound for my presentation?

Like music (outlined above), you need to let us know in advance if you are going to use sound so we can be properly set up to play your sound. Bring your sound to the Muster on a CD. You can use either pre-recorded CDs, or make a copy of the sound (dialogue or sound effects) you need onto another CD. We strongly suggest making a copy. If the sound is on a CD, you must provide track and time information with the CD so it can be properly cued. You must claim your CD after the masquerade or it will be disposed of. It may also be possible to play your sound as an MP3, assuming you can email it to us in advance or are willing to loan us your MP3 player.

So I CAN have sound, cool!

Yes, but be aware that sound or music is never guaranteed. We cannot always prevent or predict technical problems. Always be prepared to perform without sound.

Can the lights be changed for my presentation?

At this time, no. We cannot change the lighting. We cannot guarantee to provide ideal lighting. We don't have ideal lighting.

Why don't you have ideal lighting?

Because right now we can't afford it.

I read the rules and have some concerns about my costume but I still want to enter the masquerade. What should I do?

Contact the Masquerade Director in advance and explain your concerns. We will try to clarify the rules and/or reach an accommodation for your costume to enter the masquerade.

Your question not here? Email it to the Masquerade Director.

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