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Game times and locations are subject to change. Game location and time can be verified with Gaming personell located in the main gaming area.

Time Block Phoenix Boardroom #417 Boardroom #418
Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Table 4 Table 1 Table 2
Munchkin Burn in Hell Lord of the fries Open Gaming Order of the stick Metro  
Lego Frag! The good the bad and the Munchkin Killer Bunnies Open Gaming Terra Nova Order of the Stick  
  Ninja Burger Settlers of Catan   Firefly Tabletop Firefly Tabletop  
  Gurps Horror History of the World Space Hulk Open Gaming Open Gaming Gurps: Velasco
Blood and Cardstock Munchkin Quest Ticket to ride Open Gaming History of the world Illuminati  
Chez Geek: Slack the weekend away Munchkin Quest Space Hulk Open Gaming      
Game # Players
Munchkin Quest 3-6 Players
he board game version of the award winning game of monster slaying, treasure grabbing and buddy backstabbing has some new twists. The dungeon layout is modular and changes every game. The monsters stay on the board until defeated and might even chase after you. Oh, and that boss monster you have to beat to win the game? It's always level twenty - even the lowly Potted Plant...
Order of the Stick Adventure Game 2-6 Players
An epic card-based board game of comedic fantasy. A humorous dungeon romp where you take on the role of one of the webcomic-famous Order of the Stick adventuring party as they explore the rooms of the Dungeon of Dorukon.

Train up your character, survive traps, combat monsters (and sometimes each other) for Loot and Xps to earn top bragging rights and win the game! You don't have to be a fan of the webcomic to enjoy the game that's based on the webcomic that satirizes the fantasy RPG that started it all!
Serenity Tabletop RPG 4-12 Players
(Mature, 18 and up only)

Serenity is set in the Whedon Serenity verse and follows the plot of the LARP on Fridays nights which is an ongoing story line of cons for the last 4 years. New players are welcome as are experienced players.

It is after Miranda and after the elections and Parlaiment still has a major hold on the Alliance. The New independents are rallying and the underground is boiling with activity. Oh and lots of new reavers keep popping up. Fun huh?
The Good, the Bad and the Munchkin 3-6 Players
Howdy, pardner! Welcome to the wild west - Munchkin style! We've got monsters to slay, loot to grab and fellow party members to backstab...err, I mean low account, no good sidewinders to ventilate. Wear the Twenty Gallon hat as you round up your trusty steed and sidekick. Come on ya'll, it's time to play Cowboys and Indians - plus Outlaws and Dudes to boot!
Lord of the Fries 3-6 Players
It's the late, late shift at the Restaurant of the Damned. You just don't feel like zombies, you and the rest of your shift crew are zombies! Fill orders as best you can using astoundingly generic ingredients. The closer you get to what the customer wants, the more points you will receive. Move as quickly as you can, because if the customer waits too long, he or she will get mad and simply leave.
Killer Bunnies 2 to 8 Players
An addictive game of craziness, chance, strategy, and just a touch of insanity. Control bunnies of all shapes and sizes, weapons, and special cards in the Quest for the Magic Carrot. Suitable for all ages, beginners welcome.
Illuminati 2 to 8 Players
Take command of one of the eight Illuminati, secret societies from all over the world, in their quest to take over the world. It's a game of strategy and intrigue, alliances and backstabbing, and more than a bit of fun. Recommended for ages 12 and up, beginners welcome.
Settlers of Catan 2 to 8 players
Build roads, construct towns and cities, and collect the resources needed to achieve your goals in this popular game that casts the players as settlers of the uninhabited island of Catan. Expansion set included, if time allows. Recommended for ages 10 and up, beginners welcome.
Munchkin: Intro to Munchkin 2 to 6 players
Are you one of the few gamers left who hasn't played Munchkin yet? If so, this training seminar is for you. Learn to play in a few easy steps and start on the path of glory. Participation prizes to be awarded and fun to be had. Don't miss out on this once? in a weekend opportunity.
Lego(tm) Frag! 1-10 Players
Steve Jackson Games' Frag. A first person shooter computer game without the computer. Now in 3D and with Legos. You can bring your own Lego character. The game will last all day from 8am to 8pm. Play as long as you like. Prizes will be awarded all day based on the number of kills you get and other cool things you do. You can leave for a panel and come back with your same character.
Blood and Cardstock Games Demo 1-10 Players
An introduction to the games of Blood and Cardstock Games. Come and play Counting Zzzzs where you attempt to have the best night of sleep, Showbiz Shuffle and make as many movies as you can or X-Machina and create the impossible with the mundane for the unreasonable.
Chez Geek: Slack the Weekend Awa 1-8 Players

Find out your job and the slack you need to win. You must be older than 13 to play or have parent/guardian permission as some naughty things are referenced.
Ticket to Ride 2 to 5 players
Objective is to claim and complete train routes across the US. Player interaction comes as players try to guess where others are going and, if that conflicts with their own routes, (or even if not!) claim needed tracks as their own. Typically a quick moving game with lots of fun banter as players try to entice each other to block the apparent leader... but with one of the major sources of points not being scored until the end, noone knows who's really in the lead! Simple rules and quick to learn.
Metro 2 to 6 Players
You're building the Paris Metro and your objective is to complete trains from your starting stations to any other station of your choice... using the longest track possible. Turns are simple, pick a tile, play a tile. However, who says that you have to play only on your own track? Why not turn your opponent into that station just next door? Just watch out for them doing the same to you!
History of the World 2-6 Players
History of the World works under the assumptions that all empires eventually fade and that the only things differentiating great empires from lesser ones is how much territory they conquer and how long it takes for their civilizations to disappear. To that end, the game is played in epochs, with every player handling a new empire during each; yes, some empires will be stronger than others, but a few clever mechanisms largely balance that out. At the end of each epoch, players score points for all their forces (from the current and previous empires) remaining on the board.
Burn in Hell 2 to 6 Players
Welcome to Hell, where you'll meet Belushi, Rasputin & Osama. Osama?! Well, he may not be dead YET, but we have a space set aside for him... Collect the souls of the damned! In Burn in Hell, you try to assemble the tastiest "Circles" of history's sinners. Collect souls based on occupations, sins or point values. Collect combinations for extra points! Lots of infernal fun, without all that pesky brimstone!!
Ninja Burger 2 to 6 Players
You'll deliver tasty Ninja-Burgers to many difficult locations and bring honor to your franchise - or visit your ancestors in shame. Remember, we deliver in 30 minutes, or we commit seppuku.
Gurps Horror - Munchie Run 2 to 6 Players
You're running low on supplies, and the nearest place to get them is the local mall. The downside: It's infested with hordes of the undead. Can you get what you need and make it out alive?
Terra Nova 2 to 4 players
You're controlling brave settlers in a new land, and are trying to claim territory for your own. Sadly you're all pacifists, but that doesn't stop you from building walls to keep others out! Points are scored for walling off territory with more of your settlers inside than others. How many points are determined by how many types of terrain (fewer the better), and how much land is walled off (more is better). However, for all that they're pacifists, that doesn't seem to stop your settlers from trying to wall the others into tiny little enclosures... leaving more for themselves! Simple rules and quick to learn.
Gurps: Valesco Players: 4-6
(Mature 18+ only)

It's May 14th , 1836 in Velasco, Texas. You and your crew have been given an important mission personally by the President David Burnet of the Republic of Texas. The future of the Republic is in your hands. Enjoy this steampunk twist on Gurps 3rd edition Western setting.
Space Hulk Players: 2-6
Space Hulk is a miniatures game where Space Marines battle Aliens (Gene Stealers) within the tight corridor of an infested deep Space Hulk (similar corridor conditions as seen in the movie Aliens). Each player has control of one or more Space Marine squads or a hoard of Aliens. The scenario objective, for the Marine, is to re-take the Space Hulk and cleanse it free of Aliens.
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