ApolloCon 2009

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ApolloCon 2009
June 26-28, 2009
Guest of Honor
Editor Guest of Honor
Due to circumstances beyond our control, Gavin Grant & Kelly Link are unable to attend ApolloCon 2009. We wish them well in their current project and hope to welcome them to Houston at a later date.
Artist Guest of Honor
Music Guest of Honor
Fan Guest of Honor
Special Guest
NASA Astronaut
Saturday Only
Also Attending
DoubleTree Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport
15747 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Houston, TX
Get a Room!
To reserve your hotel room, call
and ask for the ApolloCon roomblock,
More details on our Hotel Page.
Houston's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Conference.
Presented by the Houston Science Fiction Association (HSFA).
A single event for fans of speculative and imaginative fiction of all kinds, including literary, media, and interactive.

Combining interesting and informative programming on literary, media, science and culture topics, networking opportunities for clubs and individual fans, art exhibits, and sales of books and other SF/F/H items.

Now in our sixth year.
Programming and guests subject to change without notice
ApolloCon is a function of the Houston Science Fiction Association, a non profit 501(c)(3) corporation. This material is published by the Houston Science Fiction Association, a 501(c)(3) corporation, in furtherance of its literary and educational purposes. The opinions expressed are those of the editors and contributors and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Houston Science Fiction Association, its Officers or Directors.

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News & Updates
ApolloCon 2009 is Ovah!
Thanks to all the Guests, Participants, and Members for making ApolloCon 2009 yet another bang up success.

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A Little Bird Told Me...
...that you can now get ApolloCon news on Twitter. Just follow ApolloCon. Chirp!
Break Out Your Brown Coat and Get Your LARP On
Firefly LARP returns to ApolloCon - Click over to our LARP page for the details. You Can't Stop the Signal!
Don't Know What to Do at ApolloCon?
Check out the various event schedules on our Programming, Media Room, and Gaming pages. Tons of stuff to do between spending sprees in the Dealers' Room and Art Show.
At Con Newsletter
Catch all the latest news about ApolloCon during ApolloCon by picking up a copy of Mission Control or downloading a copy from our Newsletter page.
Using Audio at the Masquerade?
If you're planning to bring your own audio files (music, sound effects, dialog, etc.), be sure to review the revised rules for this in our Masquerade FAQ.
But you can still buy your Membership to ApolloCon 2009 at the Con. See you there!!
Gi'e Us a Wee Dram
Our resident scotchophiles will be hosting two (2) Scotch Tastings this year. Saturday night will see the traditional themed tasting wherein Paul. Mark, & David offer up choice single malts from their private stocks. But on Friday night, YOU bring the Scotch. That's right, it's BYO. Due to room and time constraints, we can only let 15 participate, so sign up in Ops ASAP on Friday.

There are only two rules:
1. Single Malts Only - no heathen blends.
2. No Glenfiddich 18 - we've ALL tasted that one.

Now, all you have to do is come to ApolloCon and make sure all the fine artists showing their works have nothing to pack up and take home.
The deadlines to purchase ApolloCon 2009 Memberships at Pre-Registration rates are upon us. By Mail Pre-Regs must be postmarked by June 16. On-line Pre-Regs must be purchased by midnight June 21. After that, Memberships will only be available at the Con at the At-Con rate.

So, click over to the Registration page and get your Membership now! You know you'll need the extra cash for the Dealers' Room, Art Show, and Charity Auction...
You now have more time to purchase an ad in the ApolloCon Program Book. Don't miss this opportunity to advertise your con, club, 'zine, book, or pet hamster's blog on nano-tech.
Volunteers Needed!!
Gophers, badgers, and other con wildlife needed to help make ApolloCon a success. See our Volunteer pages for all the details and sign up now!
Dealers' Room is Sold Out!!
But, there is a waiting list. See our Dealers' Room Info page.
Special Guest Announced
ApolloCon is thrilled to announce NASA Astronaut Stanley G. Love will be attending as our Special Guest this year.
Hugo Nominee Joins ApolloCon Art Show: Alan F. Beck
2009 Hugo Nominee in the Best Fan Artist category, Alan F. Beck will be showing some of his works in the ApolloCon Art Show. Don't mouse miss out on seeing his show.
ApolloCon Guest Receives Hugo Award Nomination: Lillian Stewart Carl
ApolloCon is delighted to offer our congratulations to Lillian Stewart Carl for her Hugo Award nomination in the Best Related Book category. Lillian Stewart Carl will be appearing at ApolloCon for the first time in June 2009.

The Hugo Awards will be presented at Anticipation, the 67th Worldcon, August 6-10, 2009 at the Palais de Congrès in Montreal, Québec. www.anticipationsf.ca
Get a Room!
Don't forget to reserve a room at our host hotel so you won't have to miss a minute of ApolloCon by driving or flying home every night. Details of on-line and voice mode methods are on our Hotel page.
Charity Auction
This year the ApolloCon Charity Auction will benefit Youth Advocates, Inc. Monitor our Charity Auction page for details as they develope.
Programming Announces ApolloKids
ApolloKids is a mini-track of programming geared towards our younger con-goers and their families. See our Programming pages for more info.
Editor Guests of Honor
Due to circumstances beyond our control, Gavin Grant & Kelly Link are unable to attend ApolloCon 2009. We wish them well in their current project and hope to welcome them to Houston at a later date. Please watch this space for updates on our Editor Guest of Honor.
Host Hotel
ApolloCon 2009 will return to the DoubleTree Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport.
Come help develop the Programming for ApolloCon 2009 at our first Brainstorming session, Saturday, November 15, 3:00pm, at the McGovern-Stella Link Branch of the Houston Public Libarary. All you need to bring is a pen and some ideas. Well, OK, you can skip the pen...
We Survived Ike!
Although damage levels varried, the ApolloCon concom survived Hurricane Ike and held our first 2009 planning meeting on schedule at an alternate location (Thanks, Kristie & Troy!).
Fan GoH Announced
ApolloCon is very pleased to announce Al Jackson has accepted our invitation to be our 2009 Fan Guest of Honor.
ApolloCon 2009 Guest Announcements
We're pleased to announce the following have accepted our invitation to be Guests of Honor at ApolloCon 2009:
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