ApolloCon 2008

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ApolloCon 2008 LARP


Run by The Houston Browncoats
Friday, 9pm, Seattle II

LARP synopsis : The local watering hole has been commandeered by the Alliance, rumors of a VIP prisoner abound. Rumors of parliamentary break down and a possible millitary coup. What side are you on in the first place? When the time comes what side will you choose? Or will you just say "Gorram it!" and have a drink? (Tabletop game follows LARP storyline so sign up for both for twice the fun)

Firefly LARP is restricted to age 17 & up due to gorram content. Costumes and con approved weapons are welcome. Game is accessible to new and veteran gamers.


Run by World of Darkness
Saturday, 10pm, Dallas

Both LARPs should be new player accessible.

LARPs may have player cap. Must be a member of ApolloCon to play. No additional cost to play. ApolloCon memberships available at the door.

For more info on LARP at ApolloCon 2008, please e-mail our LARP Coordinator.

check back for updates
Programming and guests subject to change without notice