ApolloCon 2008

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How To Illustrate a Story
A Hands-On Workshop

Learn how to think like an illustrator. Whether you are an artist working in illustration, a writer interested in how artists might envision your words, or just a fan curious about the process, come join Artist GoH Brad Foster in this pen-and-paper workshop based on a super-short story from GoH Allen Steele.

This is not a how-to-draw program, but one showing you how to think like an illustrator. NO artistic talent is required at all here. We will be taking a short story script and working through the basic steps of how to develop a good illustration. Everyone will first scribble out their own ideas on their own (and stick figures can work at this phase), then we will look at and discuss the various different ideas that are come up with. You WILL be required to actually participate, but the idea here is not to decide what is right or wrong, but to show you how to get your creative juices and ideas flowing.

Materials will be provided, but if you have a favorite pen, feel free to bring it along.

The Illustration Workshop will be held at ApolloCon 2008, on Saturday morning, June 28, from 10am to 12 noon.

This workshop is free to ApolloCon members, but requires advance registration. The workshop is capped at 18. To register, please send an email to programming.2008 @apollocon.org by June 20, 2008. Please include ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOP in the header of your email and your mundane/legal name as well as your badge name if known. You do not need to have purchased a membership before registering for the workshop in advance of ApolloCon, but you will need to have your membership and will be required to show your badge to participate.

Any spaces not filled by June 20, 2008 will be available for sign-up at the con on Friday, June 27. Spaces still available on Saturday morning may be filled at Brad Foster's discretion.

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