ApolloCon 2007
ApolloCon 2007 Gaming

For pre-registration for any games, please e-mail gaming@apollocon.org.

Deadline for pre-registration is 12:00noon Thursday, June 21.


The Gaming Schedule is now available online.


Soldiers Of Stannum: Action Figure Adventures.  Game system for matching action figures such as green army men against other action figures for miniature combat.  Combat includes marshmallow guns and rubber bands. You may bring your own action figures for combat. linearcreations.com

Battletech: All the 31st Century knows is warfare.  Infantry, tanks and powered armor play their role, but the BattleMech is the king of the battlefield.Massing upwards of 100 tons, a single 'Mech can destroy a city block… and it's your to command.  Cadet mechwarriors to seasoned war veterans, all are welcome to play.

Bring your dice and a pencil, the rest will be provided.  Play may occur on map boards or 3D terrain, To Be Determined.  Scenarios may range from 3025-3072, Inner Sphere or Clan.  No House Rules. Current Total Warfare rules will be used (cheat sheets on hand for those unfamiliar with the changes). Visit classicbattletech.com for more info.


WoTC Star Wars D-20: Do you like hunting pirates? If so, this campaign is for you.  A neutral to good campaign designed with the players' personalities and skill sets in mind.  Pre-made characters of up to 3rd level welcome.  Come prepared with a character concept in mind and a readiness to kick some Sith butt!  Dice and character sheets will be available upon request. 

Scion WOD: Battles in the heavens have spilled over into our world. Fate taps you, the child of a god to stand forth with other heroes, striving to defeat the savage titans. Now, you are humanity's only defense.

Please bring own dice. white-wolf.com/scion/

Games for Renaissance: In the busy market places of the desert city of Ra'Sharan, rumors of a lost tomb move among the people. Said to house riches, lost knowledge or even power itself, adventurers are flooding the area to find the tomb. Few who have found it have returned, but those who have speak of metal walls of bronze, doors that open at a touch, and iron spiders that drive you mad with the clicking of their steps and the fire of their bite.  Will you be a member of the party that unlocks the tombs secrets? Renaissance-The-Rebirth.com

Savage Worlds: Trouble lurks on the sea. A not-so-bon voyage becomes increasingly tense. Are the passengers going mad? Is it just coincidence? Or is there something sinister lurking somewhere in the depths? This 1920's era adventure takes you on a whirlwind tour of the high seas. Role-playing is a must but there will be something for all experience levels. This is a Savage Worlds game in the pulp setting. Please bring d-10 and d-6 dice. smithandrobards.com

Prime Time Adventures: The Best TV Show that Never Was. If you enjoy great TV, then you'll love Primetime Adventures, the game that lets you create and play the TV show you always wanted to see, complete with meaningful characters and gripping drama. dog-eared-designs.com/games.html

Polaris: A fairytale apocalypse, a tragedy at the north pole. Once upon a time, as far north as north can go, there lived the greatest people that this world will ever see. They are gone now, destroyed just as the world destroys all beautiful things. All that remains are these moments we call memories, moments frozen from the flow of time. tao-games.com/games_polaris.shtml#revies

Battlefleet Mars: Tactical game portraying battles between two players' fleet of ships. The game involves 3-D motion and Newton's Laws, and is run by guest Larry Friesen.

Solarquest: Monopoly in Space!! The game replaces hotels with fuel stations, and regular tokens with rocketships. Own the Solar System, and play with guest Larry Friesen.

Exalted: The time before our time was not a time of senseless natural struggle and reptilian rage, but a time of myth and sorcery. It was a time of legend, when heroes walked Creation and wielded the very power of the gods. It was a time before the world was bent, a time before the magic of Creation lessened, a time before the souls of men became the stunted, withered things they are today. Please bring many d-10s!

Serenity: RPG set in the universe of Firefly. The Earth got used up, and we found a new solar system and used terraforming technology to create hundreds of new Earths. The central planets formed the Alliance and decided that all worlds should unite under their rule. There was some disagreement on that point. After the Unification War, many of the Independents who had fought and lost drifted to the edges of the system, far from Alliance control. Out here, people struggled to get by with the most basic technologies. A ship would bring you work, a gun would help you keep it. A captain's goal was simple: find a crew, find a job, keep flying. Please bring d2, d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12.

Ravenloft: Classic Gothic horror D& D setting. Bring d-20s and your sense of the dramatic.

Age Restricted Gaming

Human Occupied Landfill: 16 and up. A Black Dog product, this is an entertaining game full of distressing imagery and illustrations, as well as lots of profanity and violence, and references to other major games and systems. Bring your d-6s and your "Greymatta, Mouth and Nuts."

Serenity: 18-up. Set in the Firefly 'verse, this game will center around the battle of Serenity Plain, a prequel to the "Firefly" series itself. Prepare for plain speakin', gritty scenarios, and the dissipation of a long running war. Please bring d2, d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12.


The RPGA is the roleplaying arm of organized play at Wizards of the Coast dedicated to providing play opportunities and support for Dungeons & Dragons and other d20 System games. The RPGA offers several styles of play for roleplaying games: campaigns, classics, and interactive events.

Here at ApolloCon, they will be running various games continuously in the gaming areas, including some Living Greyhawk. For more information: warhorn.net/apollocon2007

Updated Gaming information such as updated schedules, thumbnail descriptions, sign-in sheets, and pickup game rosters will be posted on the game room door.

If you have any questions, please ask the game room attendant on site, or e-mail gaming@apollocon.org.

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Programming and guests subject to change without notice