ApolloCon 2007
ApolloCon 2007 Masquerade

Join us Saturday night in the Seattle Ballroom for our fourth annual ApolloCon Masquerade!

The ApolloCon 2007 Masquerade will be held on Saturday, June 23.

Our Master of Ceremonies this year will be Graham Leathers, one of our talented Filk GoHs.

A formal, onstage costume show, the ApolloCon Masquerade features a display stream and a competition stream in order to maximize participation. Costumes not eligible for competition are invited to enter the display stream, and may still be eligible for presentation awards. All awards are determined by our panel of distinguished judges.

Our judges this year are very distinquished: C.S. Friedman (GoH), Jeff Sturgeon (Art GoH), and Becca Leathers (Filk GoH).

Competition stream is open to costumes that have been wholly made by the competitor or that have been assembled from diverse purchased items; rental or wholly purchased costumes may be entered as out-of-competition (eligibility for competition may be a judgement call by the Director).

Costumes must pre-register for the masquerade, preferably by 3pm Saturday afternoon, and Muster begins at 7pm in Scottsdale. Full rules and registration forms are available in the Ops Office and on the website. Early registrations should be dropped off in the Ops Office before 3pm. Late registrations may be brought to the Muster. (We strongly advise early registration as it helps us plan the show to everyone's best advantage!)

You can download the full rules and a registration form, but basic guidelines are:

  • Must be a member of the convention to enter
  • Costumes must be pre-registered
  • Children compete in a junior division
  • Microphones will not be provided; consider using pre-recorded sound
  • Muster begins at 7:00pm , one (1) hour before the show start time
  • Rules and registration forms will be available at the con in Ops.
Doors open for seating at approximately 7:45pm. Show opens at 8:00pm with a performance by Ravenar. Masquerade follows at approximately 8:30pm. After all the costumes have been presented, the judges will withdraw to confer. While the judges confer, enjoy a new installment of Skip Thruster: Space Detective. Awards will be announced at the end of Skip Thruster.

Questions about the Masquerade? Check our FAQ!

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Programming and guests subject to change without notice