ApolloCon 2007
ApolloCon 2007 Art Show & Printshop

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Rules for the Houston Science Fiction Association Art Show and Auction, for inclusion in the Art Show of ApolloCon 2007, held June 22-25, at the Doubletree Intercontinental Hotel

All artwork must reflect the conference purpose of
Science, Science Fiction, Fantasy or Dark Fantasy.


All registration for panels / tables is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact the Art Show Director, Anita Haddock, artshow@apollocon.org, for the registration form. The form must accompany the registration fee, for accountability purposes.

Art fees are : $8 per 4 ft. x 4 ft. panel and/or 18 in. x 6 ft. table. Make a check payable to ApolloCon, or pay via the ApolloCon PayPal account (contact the Art Show Director for PayPal info).

Money to reserve panels should be sent in as soon as possible, as the art show director is busily doing her best to fill the room. Art should arrive no later than one (1) week before the con.

Plea From Art Show Director: If you contact me regarding participation in the art show, please do not wait until the month before the conference to send in your reservation. See previous paragraph. I had one artist do this last year, and the only reason he got in was that another long-registered artist had to cancel at the last minute.

Print Shop

The Print shop is $8.00 per grouping of 10 pieces, with no limit to the number of prints put in the Print Shop. We do, however, request that you keep the number of pieces to a reasonable quantity. The Art Show Chair reserves the right to reduce the quantities of Print Shop items if enough space is not available for the volume received.


There will be a 10% commission on all sales.

Appearance Requirements

All artwork must be either matted or foam-core backed, and ready to hang. If the matting is very thick, inclusion of an adhesive hanging tab would be best, as it prevents possible damage to the mat board. Shrink-wrapping is advised, for the protection of the art.

The Con Committee and/or Art Show personnel reserve the right to refuse to hang submitted artwork.


Disclaimer: The ApolloCon committee is not responsible for the arrival condition of shipped art.

Suggested methods of Shipping, should you need to send in your artwork:

We suggest that you ship your artwork via AirBorne, FedEx, UPS or your preferred independent shipping agent, and include a prepaid return shipping ticket with your paperwork. Or,in FedEx's case, a check for the return amount, as they don't seem to understand the idea of prepaid returns... It ends up being almost the same as the USPS, and safer.** If you prefer to use the postal service, please be sure to request insurance, package tracking, and delivery confirmation. This advice comes out of personal experience, when a package of my artwork didn't get to the Canadian show for which it was destined, and wasn't traceable because I didn't realize that was a separate "service," thus initiating an agonizing 8-week wait to see if I'd ever see any of it again. My work is 3-D, so "reprints" were not an option.

**Personal opinion, not necessarily reflected by other members of the ApolloCon Committee.

Artwork should be shipped to:

Attn: A. Haddock
ApolloCon Art Show
10300 Harwin Drive, No. 1021
Houston, TX 77036

Contact information for any additional questions:

713-777-8934 or email artshow@apollocon.org

NO food, drinks, tote bags, purses, fanny packs or camera bags will be allowed in the art room. Also, it would be appreciated if no cell phones with video capabilities were brought into the room.

No cameras of any kind will be allowed, with the exception of photos of their own setup by the individual artists or visual recording for the conference's archives.

Only bids in dollar increments will be accepted, as the Art Show Director isn't at all fond of mathematics, even WITH a computer.

The Art Show will close in the early evening on Saturday so that everyone can attend the Masquerade, and then will reopen for two (2) hours afterward.

Art Auction

If required, the ApolloCon Art Auction will be held at a time and place listed in the Programming Schedule. Two or more bids will take a piece to auction. The Charity Auction will be held at the same time as the regular auction. Once again, the ApolloCon Art Show is happy to be donating the Charity Auction proceeds to the Houston Area Women's Center. The comment about bids in "dollar amounts only," holds true for the Auction as well as the Art Show, and for the same reason.

The Panel and Auction rules are as follows:

  • Only art designated as "original," and/or hand-altered prints (definition 1) will go to auction.
  • If a print is a member of a large print run (200 - 2000), the lower numbers (1 - 75) and the higher numbers (last 50 of the run) will be treated as originals. The other numbers should be displayed in the print shop.
  • If none of the qualifying numbers are available, a print may be hung on the panel, but should be marked with a Quick Sale price.
  • Only one copy of a print may be hung on the panel, no matter its placement in the run.
  • Print runs of 100 pieces or fewer will be treated as originals.
  • All other prints are encouraged and accepted, and as a general rule their sale will be handled as QSP (Quick Sale Price.)
  • If you feel like a specific print should be designated as an original, you are welcome to present your reasons for this exclusion to the general rule. The Art Show director's decision in the matter is final.
  • Two bids are required to send a piece to auction. If time permits, we reserve the right to include a piece or two with no bids, "on its own recognizance."
  • Pieces with one bid will go to that bidder, so consider that when determining your minimum bid.
  • Persons desiring to re-sell some of their collection may reserve a panel and display the artwork, but it MUST be priced for Quick Sale only. Allowing bids on re-sold pieces would not be fair to either the artists hanging their original work in the show or the original artist who did the piece now being offered for sale by the collector.
  • Your artwork may not extend beyond the edge of any panel or table, and it may not interfere with any works displayed by any other artist.
  • To be represented by an agent at the convention, you must provide your agent with a signed letter of agency to present at the Art Show.
  • For your protection, photography will not be permitted in the Art Show, with the exception of supervised, professional press and HSFA. If you object to having your works used, with credit, by press reviewing the convention, please indicate this on your reservation form.
  • Any artwork legally bid for, but not collected and paid for by the buyer, will be retained by the Art Show Director. We will make every effort to contact the buyer, remind them of their legal obligation to pay for purchased art at the bid price, collect funds due and remit to the artist. If we are unable to complete the sale within three months, the art will be returned to the artist.

Art Show Bid Sheet Particulars

  • The greyed-out area on the Control and Bid sheets is for the use of the Art Show Personnel only. A column has been provided for you to put your own numbers on the pieces.
  • The Minimum Bid price should be the absolute least amount of money your prefer to receive for a piece of artwork
  • A Quick Sale Price (QSP) may be put on the art at the artist's option, to allow outright purchase of the piece before the auction.
  • An After-Auction / Sunday Sale Price (AAP / SSP) may be put on the art at the artist's option, to allow purchase after the auction. If your AAP is lower than either your Minimum Bid or Quick Sale price, it is better that you not write that price anywhere but the Control Sheet. To do so creates the urge to "wait till Sunday" to buy a piece, which might result in its not being sold at all.
  • If the artist provides no AAP, the art will be marked as Quick Sale by the Art Show Personnel unless otherwise instructed by the artist.
  • You are welcome to display artwork that is Not For Sale (NFS). One of our major purposes is to display good artwork. Reserving a panel or table is required for the display of NFS artwork.


    1. Hand Altering:
      1. Inking or coloring a small section of the print
      2. "Extending" sections of the print onto the mat board so that the matting is an integral part of the picture
      3. Adding decorative 3-D items to the print or mat so that each copy is unique
    2. Computer Prints:
      1. Using special types of paper, each type unique to that numbered print.

check back for updates
Programming and guests subject to change without notice