ApolloCon 2007
ApolloCon 2007
June 22-24, 2007
Guest of Honor
Editor Guest of Honor
Artist Guest of Honor
Filk Guests of Honor
Fan Guest of Honor
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DoubleTree Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport
15747 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Houston, TX
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Houston's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Conference.
Presented by the Houston Science Fiction Association (HSFA).
A single event for fans of speculative and imaginative fiction of all kinds, including literary, media, and interactive.

Combining interesting and informative programming on literary, media, science and culture topics, networking opportunities for clubs and individual fans, art exhibits, and sales of books and other SF/F/H items.

Now in our fourth year.
Programming and guests subject to change without notice
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News & Updates
Gaming Update
The Gaming Schedule is now posted.

Also Gaming & LARP pre-registration closes at 12:00noon on Thursday, June 21. Hurry, hurry!
Who was that Masked Alien?
Details on Saturday's Masquerade are now available. Don't miss your chance to be center stage at the Big Show.
BYOP (Bring Your Own Popcorn)
ApolloCon has a great line-up for our Media Room this year. Cool flicks and the entries in the Iron Director Contest. See you there!
Party, Party, Party!
Want to host a room party at ApolloCon? Get all the scoop in the Room Parties section of our Hotel page.
Inaugural Book Discussion Group
Join our Fan GoH A.T. Campbell, III as he leads a one-off book group discussing C.S. Friedman's In Conquest Born. (Quick, go re-read it now!)
Programming for ApolloCon 2007 is still being finalized, but preliminary info is now available on our Programming page. This is still in flux, so check back for changes.
Games, Games, LARPs
Rosters of the Games and LARPs at ApolloCon 2007 are now available on our Gaming and LARP pages.
Program Book Ads
The deadline for placing an ad in the ApolloCon 2007 Program Book is fast approaching. See the Program Book page for all the details.
Get a ROOM!
The DoubleTree has set up a page for ApolloCon hotel reservations. Just follow the link on our hotel page.
ApolloCon 2007 Programming Brainstorming Feb 17 2:00P
ApolloCon is looking for new ideas for programming for the 2007 con. Want to help? Contact our Programming Director for info on joining our Brainstorming Session.
Iron Director Contest
Can you make a Science Fiction, Horror and/or Fantasy movie in two days? If you think your middle name should be "Spielberg", "Lucas", or "Carpenter", then check out the contest rules on our Media Room page.
Art Show is SOLD OUT
ApolloCon has sold all the panel space in the Art Show. Check the Art Show & Printshop Artists page for list of artists who will be showing their works.
Artist Guest of Honor Announced
ApolloCon is pleased to announce that Jeff Sturgeon has accepted our invitation to be the Artist Guest of Honor. Jeff's subject matter is predominantly astronomical, but he also does science fiction, horror, computer game and abstract art.
** ApolloCon Email Problems **
We have been having problems with our email. We believe they are now fixed. If you tried to contact us during December 2006 or January 2007 and did not get a reply, please re-send your message. If your re-send should bounce, please contact us at our back-up email address. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Filk Guests of Honor Announced
Graham and Becca Leathers are ApolloCon 2007's Filk GoHs.
Editor Guest of Honor Announced
We're very pleased to announce that David G. Hartwell has graciously accepted our invitation to be Editor Guest of Honor at ApolloCon 2007. Senior Editor at TOR since 1995, David won a Hugo this year at LAcon IV for Best Professional Editor. He has edited several award-winning works, including the Best Novel Hugo winner Hominids by ApolloCon 2005 Guest of Honor Robert J. Sawyer.
Fan Guest of Honor Announced
Austin Fan A. T. Campbell, III is ApolloCon 2007's Fan GoH.
Hotel Confirmed
We're back at the DoubleTree Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport.
Guest of Honor Announced
ApolloCon is pleased to announce C. S. Friedman is our 2007 Guest of Honor.
Check back soon for more updates about ApolloCon 2007 or contact us by e-mail.